MTIA stands for individualism, personality and creativity. Life and clothing are pure fun according to MTIA. Are you ready to say goodbye to the mainstream?

MTIA Handmade individual Clothing

You must be a very interesting person! Someone who does not care for other people´s opinions, someone who wants to stand out from the crowd. Yes? That can be assumed, since you´re here. So, welcome!


This is a web page for MTIA clothing. MTIA is a label for a totally different kind of thinking in purchasing clothes. The MTIA garment is always completely original, one of a kind. The MTIA clothing piece is like a piece of art.

How did MTIA come about? At first there was a lack of clothes, original enough to be something different. As a result, the designer started making the clothes for herself. Since, the clothes were very special, they caught, massively, people´s attention and the designer was asked to make clothes, also, for other people, as a personal order. A small stream became a river and here we are.

Now you have an opportunity to order a totally original pair for yourself. Isn´t that cool?

If you are now inspired, here's how it works. Take a tour, introduce yourself to the world of MTIA. The pictures you see in the gallery are examples of the pieces that have been made in the past. They are there to inspire you to compose a vision of your own, your own work of art. Take the measurements instructed, describe a little bit what kind of things you would like: the colours, laces, buttons, pockets etc. and then write the designer an email. Sending an email is not yet a binding order, it is just brainstorming!


MTIA is mainly about haremic pants and hoods, as an accessory. How often do you see haremic pants in the stores that are fun and exciting ? Usually they are made of jeans, african fabrique or else and are not that funky. And sometimes you don´t want to wear a whole hoodie, instead of just putting on a separate hood to add the believability, like a simple jewelry.


1. Haremic pants

What are they you may be asking? These are fairly baggy trousers with a low slung crotch area, breaking away from the "normal" trouser cut. They come in three sizes: small, medium and large. This doesn´t mean the size of your waist or hip, it means how low the crotch goes and how wide is the baggy part of the trousers. Each pair of pants are little bit different in size, which is due to your body figure.


2. Hoods

The most fashionable people wear actually very simple outfits. The magic in looking cool is to know the art of accessorizing. To wear an ingenious accessory is the new black. To wear the MTIA hood as an accessory is the blackest black ever! The designer combines usually two different kinds of fabric so the outcome is always voluminous and robust. The Hoods come in one size. Attaching it together is by three different methods: regular with a button, scarf style or a shape of a tie.


reason by designova

Tiia Marjanen


Tiia Marjanen, the designer

Tiia Marjanen is an artist from Finland. She is originally a singer and a song writer who also teaches singing and yoga. She started designing and making clothes only recently. Tiia Marjanen describes herself more as an overall creator who believes that people, as wise and intelligent as they are, can produce what ever they want. It only takes an open heart, courage to dream and wild creativeness.

The story of Tiia Marjanen becoming a designer is actually very basic. She felt that there were not clothes in the market special enough to suit her needs. So she bought a sewing machine and started making them herself. The first pair of trousers she made were something different (a trial run) than the clothes she´s making today. "If there´s a will, there´s a way." she says.

The designer, Tiia Marjanen, designs and produces all the orders herself. Each garment is made there and then and is 100 % original. You won´t meet one person wearing the same garment as you are! The clothes are handmade, with individual size and wishes and then sent to the purchaser. The quality holds up to normal usage, wear and washing.

MORE INFO (in Finnish)


These images are of the garments that has been made so far. It is not a catalogue of which you could order something for yourself. Ordering the MTIA piece requires a team work, it requires your own participation. You must share some things of yourself to receive a personal garment.


Let´s get started! If you want to make an order, send a message straight to the designer. Describe a little bit of the things you fancy, maybe a little peek at your wardrobe.

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